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11rh -- Citizenship according to sex by municipality, 1990-2022

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Population 31 Dec:
Statistics Finland, population structure
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Documentation of statistics ... confidential For reasons of privacy protection, cells with less than 10 cases of citizenship by municipality have been marked with three dots.

Starting from 1750 Population statistics have been digitised into PDF format in the National Library's Doria service:
Publications on Population structure and Vital statistics in Doria (in Finnish)
Publications on Population censuses in Doria (in Finnish)



These statistics apply the regional division of 1 January 2023 to the whole time series. Data for merged municipalities have been combined. Partial municipal mergers have not been taken into account in the years preceding the merger.


Countries (ISO 3166).
The used classification of continents is the classification of Eurostat, where Cyprus and Turkey belong to Europe.
In the classification of continents, Europe does not include the figures for Finland.
Non-autonomous states are combined with the mother country.
Czech Republic = Czech Republic + Former Czechoslovakia
Sudan = Sudan + Former Sudan
If a person has two nationalities and one of them is Finnish, he/she will be included in statistics as a Finnish national.
HDI = Human Development Index
Ranking according to the HDI index by country:
The former Soviet Union is included in the Russia HDI category
The former Czechoslovakia is included in the Czech Republic HDI category
The former Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro are included in the Serbia HDI category


Population 31 Dec

Population at the end of the statistical reference period.